Oregon Pinot Gris Satisfies On All Levels

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“I am more impressed than ever with the style and potential of Oregon Pinot Gris.  Among its strengths are: • Higher acidity and lower alcohol than most domestic versions • Bracing minerality; an underlying sense of wet stone flavors • Purity of fruit • Minimal or no new oak flavors This brief summary nonetheless touches on almost every important trend among both young wine drinkers and restaurant wine buyers. White wines that ripen at lower alcohol levels, that reflect fruit and vineyard flavors rather than new barrel flavors, and that complement a wide variety of regional foods are in vogue. Oregon Pinot gris does all of the above.  In them you will find flavors crisply defined, with fruits running the gamut from citrus through tree fruits and on into tropical. They are acidic without being lean, and that bracing minerality gives the wines texture and life.” – By Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times